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Sebastian Michaelis Magecard

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Sebastian has the natural appearance of a very serious person but her personality is perhaps the opposite of this. His short brown hair is messily left to its own agenda as Sebastian expresses very little care for his general appearance. Commonly wearing a tight black shirt, it was made to keep him isolated and still allow for movement. His navy blue coat is almost always zipped up unless he is engaged in a serious fight. He even wears a golden cross at all times for reasons he never states even when asked. He wears navy blue pants to match his coat that gives him the appearance of wearing a uniform. To finish off his clothing he wears black shoes that have a special sole in them that never wears out and keeps his feet comfy. His eyes are a dull color of brown that always stares at something not there. His smile almost always smiling at something unknown. Just by appearance Sebastian is a very intimidating man standing at a total height of 6'4 and weighing only 170 pounds.

Sebastian is a very nice fellow upon first encounter and hides his status along with his power whenever possible. He usually has a care free demur when in public and often tries to hide who he is. However once someone finds out who he is he loses all his care free attitude. His true personality shines through, that of a serious killer whom wouldn't hesitate to kill someone. If he met a person previously he will offer them a chance to escape before starting the fight. Most people upon knowing who he is often stay far away from him. Usually when being serious and not having to hide anymore a small black outline covers over him. Upon closer inspection it can be seen as his black fire. Despite most of this dark personality he does have a lighter side to him with his allies and those considered friends. Often seen smiling or cowering in fear from Seihon. He is usually hot headed and eager to go outside and run errands that involve traveling to places he has never been. However if it involves going to a place he has visited he usually complains until forced or asked enough to go.

He views guilds has families often seen angry when a guild turns away from the mage council and becomes a dark guild. He often asks of the other council members if he can do the honors of an execution or confronting a dark guild demanding they disband. His main reason for this is that he enjoys fighting people. When fighting he tries to let the people live unless they have resisted him too much or have betrayed their allies in some form. When excited about something his black flames spawn from his body often forcing others to keep things away from him if it may excite him in some manner. The same thing happens when he is angry as well often much more violent causing even those across the room from him to back away in case the flames reach them. Though after traveling with Seihon and learning his God slayer magic from him he has earned a hatred for books often viewing them as weapons of mass destruction in the correct [Seihon's] hands. He enjoys his fire though as he loves to watch it burn things to ashes. Most commonly consisting of books.

Being born in a village not even known to the modern world can be tough. A village only known by traveling merchants. A village that could be considered a paradise for all travelers. Sebastian was born in the village known as Amateratsu's Throne. It was always sunny and perhaps the climate itself could be considered heavenly. The climate was always cool with no humidity allowing people to enjoy everyday to the fullest. It was located next to a river bank and was very profitable with their harvest. Merchants loved the place because of the hospitality and the inns they had there. Sebastian and his family owned an inn there in town. It was a very nice inn and perhaps the best in town. But this place had no squabbles over prices or quality. Everyone was very peaceful and the days here were sublime. At the age of nine Sebastian had no idea what a mage was and only knew life of the village. He knew everything one would need to know to survive in that village. He was often praised for being very smart, it pleased him to no end to gain the praise of others.

However he wasn't smart or a genius. All he did was remember things he was taught and carry out simply orders. He would easily learn how to complete a task and would just repeat the process. He viewed it as a way of life to simply learn then apply. It was all he knew to do. At the age of ten his village changed, a giant shadow covered the village and many thought it was an eclipse. All the villagers left their houses to go see the shadow and Sebastian even joined them. However he was a lucky one, He had felt something off with the shadow and began to run. He ran as far as he could and as fast as he could. His parents called out to them and he only ran with fear in his heart. The only thing driving him was the instinct to survive. Seconds after exiting the village it erupted into a pillar of black fire. Sebastian could only stare at its massive size and try to comprehend what had just happened. From the pillar fire emerged a man coated in its black flame. He was unscathed and he simply walked passed the horrified child. He stopped a few steps behind the child and uttered the words that forever remained in Sebastian's mind. "I grew bored of their happiness. I was hoping more would escape but you'll do fine. Life is just like this little incident. You think it is amazing until someone murders your entire village." The man chuckled at his own twisted joke and continued on his way.

The young child stood there for two days before finally collapsing on the ground. Hours after collapsing a man walked up to Sebastian and simply observed the area around them. Nothing remained, just a plain empty field that would be perfect for settling a village. The fire's precision was so perfect is was horrifying. Not one scorch mark could be found in the area. The man offered Sebastian a chance at life, a chance to travel with him. Weakly accepting, Sebastian followed this man. Upon learning of God Slayer magic Sebastian gained a small paranoid thought that this man was the one who destroyed his village. Upon watching this man for two years it became obvious that it wasn't him.

While Seihon was busy with mage council duties, Sebastian spent his day practicing his magic. He even tried to track down the man whom set his village on fire and ruined his perfect life. No one in history has recorded using black flames other than God Slayers and Seihon had no idea of this man. He spent years mastering his magic and looking for this man. It drove him to perfect his God Slaying magic and was eventually offered a seat in the mage council. Living his life as Seihon's right hand man Sebastian agreed. He had easily climbed the ranks while still searching for the man, his precision of the black flames was simply amazing. Sebastian reluctantly used that man as a model for his own God Slayer magic. Practicing making his fire precise he gained the nick name among the council members as the Shadow Flame. His control of his fire led him to be able to control its shade to some degree, his black flames could now blend in with the shadows. Killing many people Sebastian soon found some sort of pleasure in combat but the killing part only sickened him. At the age of twenty he gained news of the man he had been searching for his entire life. But he was also offered the third seat in the mages council. Unable to resist Seihon's wishes Sebastian agreed while still keeping an eye on the man. With such influential power at his finger tips Sebastian manipulated the man from behind the scenes to soon end up near the Mage Capitol. What will come from this legendary encounter of two God Slayers?
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