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Sei has long dark brown, almost black hair. His face is expressionless most of the time, and he is often seen reading the book he carries with himself. He prefers to wear robes and dones dark colored multi layered robes and light brown cloaks to sate this thirst. He is extremely cold natured and prefers to wear a white long sleeved shirt beneath his robe to keep him warm.

Seihon loves reading and will often walk around reading and seeming to remain oblivious to his surroundings, dodging expertly between people while never taking his eyes off the pages before him. As part of his demenour as the Head of the mage council he often hides behind a mask of kindness, but when someone goes against his wishes, or rules, he becomes cold and uncaring. Those who have seen his abilities know when he is serious as it seems the whole of his being changes from a source of warmth to a beacon that sucks the heat from the room.

In battle Seihon uses his advanced intellect to deduce and break down another person's abilities. He is fully capable of copying another mage's magic and reusing it at anytime or even tweaking certain aspects of it to suit his needs. To this end he is capable of toying with the minds of his opponents by throwing everything they use back at them.

History: Seihon was born to a family of Librarian Archive mages. It was an ancient magic in comparison to the current computer style archive mage and was looked upon as less practical. Seihon however sought to put this idea to rest and practiced diligently to master the skills of the Librarian Archive Mage. At 15 he had reach A-Rank and decided that he would venture out on his own and use the limitless storage abilities of his Archive magic to collect and learn the different magics of the world. He started with basic magic, archiving first the elements and moving on to more complicated magics. He soon came across a magic known as Mimic. It allowed the user to perfectly mimic the way spells function even if they were not normally within the bounds of the user. Seihon continued his journey collecting even lost magics. While he could mimic some of the spells, he could not be a true practioner of these magics, and he sought a way to pass there magics on, but keep them within his grasp.

At the age of 18 Seihon met Sebastian, who was 10 at the time. Sebastian was at the perfect age to start the practicing of one of the lost magics, and Siehon saw his chance. He took Sebastian under his wing, who was in a questionable situation at the time, and taught him the ways of the Fire God Slayer. Sebastian traveled over the world with Seihon, all the way practicing with him. Siehon developed a habit of hitting Sebastian with his book whenever he did something wrong or stupid, which inevitably lead to Sebastian's hatred for books. His efforts didn't go unnoticed though, and at the age of 20 he was invited to join the mage council. He did so as the lowest seat, thinking it was a fine way to learn of other rare magics.

As the next 8 years passes Seihon continued to travel, while not tending to his council duties, and teaching Sebastian of the God Slayer Magic. As he neared the first chair, Seihon manipulated others whom he had power over or who shared his ideals into other chairs in an attempt to keep the council pure. Sebastian followed with him, climbing into third seat exactly where Seihon needed him.

Mage Class: Librarian Archive Mage/Mimic Mage

Mage Council 1st Chair

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