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Post  Bob Nukem on Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:11 pm

Albireo Imma Magecardcopy

Appearance: Albireo has long blue hair that he wears tied on the right side of his head. His hair is medium length elsewhere. He has blue eyes that seem almost lifeless. His expressions are often said to be emotionless by those he spends time with. He commonly wears his black and white robes. His white robe is baggy and protects him from the elements while his black robe is much more tighter fitting and keeps him insulated.

Personality: Albireo is known for causing mischief with his shenanigans. He never commits them himself, but he sets others up to fulfill his schemes. Even at a professional level he displays child-like boredom and using simple reasoning for his actions. He is actually a very intelligent and calculating individual. His one major personality flaw is that he is a pervert, and often focuses his attention on pretty girls.

History: Albireo was born to a group of traveling merchants. They taught him the importance of magic through items. They all possessed little magical potential, but a powerful artifact was strong in anyone's hands. He learned how to use and make many magical artifacts including rings and lachryma. As a youth Albireo was so engrossed in his studies and work that he never found time to actually be a kid.

Once Albireo hit seventeen he became a traveling merchant for a while, but decided he would rather use his creations than sell them. He made a name for himself with his creations until he gained the fame he had desired. His personality shifted after he gained the fame that he wanted. He started doing shenanigans and causing mischief like a child. It is undeniable that his skills are masterful, but his motives are often nonprofessional.

Mage Class: Artifact Magic and Gravity Magic

Rank: SS-Rank

Affiliation: Mage Council

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